Publishing Model

We are bookshop and a publisher. 

We publish books and we sell books directly through our e-commerce shops in Canada and the UK.

Contracts and Rights 

We provide each artist with a publishing contract that stipulates advances, royalties and rights. We buy rights to publish your work in the English language in North America and the UK. Each artist is paid a $50 advance and most books are given an initial print-run of up to 25 copies. We will re-stock books if your initial print-run sells out.

While we can't guarantee royalties because they depend on books sales, to date, every author we have published has earned royalties.

Design and Cover

Artists are involved in the title and cover selection of their work. For ease of printing and design, chapbooks and novellas are a standard 5.5 x 8.5 format. Chapbooks must fit a minimum of 28 pages including front and back material (dedication, title page, about the author and acknowledgements).


Books are distributed globally through Ingram and our website which ships direct to booksellers in Canada and the UK. We will distribute to local booksellers, libraries, and even vending machines.

Wholesale orders for booksellers

If you are a bookseller and want to stock our books, we offer a trade discount of 55%. Please contact us for bulk orders and returns policy. You can reach us on our contact form, which we reply to very quickly. We maintain a stock of books that ship from either Calgary, Canada or Edinburgh, Scotland. Books are also available for wholesale purchase through Ingram.

Our head office is located at:
Suite 300, 4838 Richard Road SW
Calgary, AB T3E 6L1